Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Killed Canada? Part 1 1/2

This country (Canada) was until not so long time ago a magnificent place a real candidate for the best country on Earth title. My country of origin, Romania, which if I can express like that, is a Canadian replica at a smaller scale - geographical speaking - was great long time ago, before us or our parents to be able to see the daylight.... A great difference is made by the people living in these two countries... Canada, one one side, became what it is today because of the immigrants and Romania, on the other side, is in a deep shit because it had the "ability" to pump or throw away young immigrants to countries like Canada. After it has been Russia's whore for over 50 years, our beloved country....just changed the bed and now it's a UN, USA, etc whore.
From your first steps in Canada you will realize the potential of this place and you'll be really happy that you arrived here...but your happiness will be short if you still have some "gray matter" in your cranium and you won't be blinded by billboards, malls and other colored farts (mistake made by almost all immigrants, especially by those from Eastern Europe....very snobs and full of social "farts").
Even I'm not interested by politics, for me one thing was obvious...about this country (Canada) we can speak only in two ways....during Pierre Trudeau government and after Pierre Trudeau, 1919 - 2000...(this man was one of the Canadians prime ministers...actually the only one who deserve this title...or maybe more, like president or King or Emperor...say it how you want it). If I'll be able to decide I'll make him King post-mortem...instead to bow down in front of a Queen who doesn't know where is Canada on the map.
I will go deeper in this subject other time....but allow me to come back to my idea.
I can not compare any minute Romania with what Canada should be, NOT with what is Canada today in 2009 and with what will be in the future. Romania's problems came from inside...from inside the country, Canada's problem came from outside...from exterior.
Every day when I'm thinking about Romania (again geographical speaking) I'm ready to trade in 10 countries like Canada, Germany and USA + another 2 Australia and UK's for this beautiful small country....but when we start talking about what is in that country...when we start talking about that nation who is 1000% responsible for what happened and will happen in the future in RO the situation changes...I'll dig into in another blog session... Shortly...YES, ME and YOU (Romanians) and any other Romanians we are guilty for that and will happen in Romania and in the same time YES, ME and YOU (Canadians) we are guilty for what will happen with Canada as you can see I have a double guilt to face...

Canada was a country full of potential. Immigrants infusion...most of them very very capable...raised this country to a peak where it was able to show itself and be remarked by everybody...Not long time ago nobody was giving a shit on Canada...neither the WW2 contribution, where tons of Canadian blood was spilled in Europe, counted to much (remember some f...king dirty jokes make by a stupid Yankee in a recent stupid radio show in States). To be continued...

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