Thursday, September 24, 2009


My apologies for all the English language speakers. By a terrible misinterpretation I thought that I'm writing just for myself (selfish thought...right???) so I decided to stop writing in English....but I'll promise that soon I will translate all the posts in English too. Until can read the Part one from Who Killed Canada?
Thanks and please accept my sincere apologies.

PS: For those who want to see more photos please visit: and maybe after you will let me know if my ideea to create a daily photo blog here on Blogger is good or not.

PSSST (varianta Romaneasca): Daca aveti chef de mai multdecat ranjetul zebrei va rog sa vizitati" si poate ulterior o sa aveti bunavointa sa-mi cumunicati impresiile voastre referitoare la ideea de a crea un blog foto aici pe Blogger.

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