Friday, July 10, 2009

Who Killed Canada? Part 1

"We are no longer the country we think we are, and no longer the people we think we are."

Yes...I'm an immigrant in this 96% of Canada's population...and also YES I'm a Canadian citizen so I'm concerned about the future of this country. Since I stepped first time on Canadian soil I had the feeling that something is fishy here. First think that shocked me was the huge monopoly existent in this country...Yes you heard well...a morbid and aggie monopoly. At the beginning I didn't bother to dig more in this subject because I was to concentrated to find a job to survive here. Later on being constantly bothered by the air-conditioned (frigid) attitude that was surrounding me I start digging...and I found water how I expected.
  1. In 2004 the year when I arrived here 3 companies controlled 63,3% of all daily newspapers in Canada.
  2. Of 102 daily newspapers in Canada just 6 are truly (???? I have my doubt here) independent
  3. Banking system it's a bit more relaxed...Ai! Aiii! (how Sasha - Ali G used to say) just 6 major players...but hey it's better than newspapers media...Canadian “Big Six” (Toronto-Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and National Bank of Canada)

Hello???? knocking in the Heaven's Doors???? Hell No!!!! Just 6 Banks in a country with 33,212,696 as of July '08 and all of them Canadian Banks!!! A country...Did I took the right plane....I landed where I supposed to???? Hey.... Osama!!! How many banks you have (ഹേ... ഒസാമ!!! ഹൌ മണി ബാങ്ക് യു ഹാവ് ??? -same thing in Malayalam language...maybe Obi know this one too hahaha)
In New Brunswick, Saskatchewan or British Columbia it's only one voice...the right one....hahahaha. Not Conservatives....just very very...very Conservatives.
So digging deeper I got tons of shit under my nails, and having a bad habit to chew them I got shit over my face too.
Let's get back to the facts and let's quote from the Senate Committee Final report on the Canadian News Media: "No real democracy can function without a healthy diverse and independent news media to inform people about the way their society works. The argument is that in a democracy, government should foster healthy and independent news media".
So I left my own country because I got to much "stag shit" digging and I came here to find "Moose shit" with a more western flavor. Like in my country of origin... the printed bullshit has the name law and in practice is totally ignored. To be continued...

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  1. First, I hear 'ya "Dragonman":
    and Yes, Canadians should check out "Who Killed Canada?"

    I wish now I never came back to Canada.
    I am a Canadian, born, bred and schooled here.
    I have been overseas for almost 3 years between 2002 -> 2005.
    I haven't found a decent job in my own country since I got back in 2006.
    Prior to 2005, I have basically never been "un-employed" since I finished High School in the 70's !!!
    Its not just the Nortel Network corporations' going bankrupt left, right and center ...,in this country, its that there ISN'T any good JOBS left in this country Canada, unless you work for Government, one of the 6 Banks, or the couple Media corps.
    This country is just a "side-kick" of the United States Of America.
    Our Canadian government a la Harper,... is just a puppet gov't for the World Financiers'.

    Why doesn't Canada mass-produce its own Vehicles ? EV's just for comsumers.
    Why don't we abolish "NAFTA" before its too late. ?
    Why don't wee TAX the hell outta these corporations in Canada, and bring back our Health care system.
    We have so much Natural gas, Oil, minerals, agriculture, water, food, cattle, forestry, ... in our own country we DON"T NEED to Import ANY Energy Resources !!!

    Nope, not according to Rogers Media, or National POST ? -oh no. those corrupt Canadian Media corp says the opposite.

    There's nothing here people anymore, except for "moose shit", not if you're looking for Canada ?
    sorry, but Canada today is long fu_kin' gone babies,...